NSM Trustee Group, Inc.
2018 Interim Meeting
Fort Wayne, Indiana
June 21-23, 2018
Thursday dinner through Saturday 2pm close.

Think Tank on Created Environment was a great success! Trustees, invited guests, and a group of Dutch students enjoyed the informative, interactive session. Sarah Beckman welcomed everyone and presented an ‘Introduction to the Created Environment’ and reported on two recent visits with Dr Betty Neuman. A brief video recording was captured during one visit - making it possible for Betty to share her current thoughts on the Created Environment, her Created Environment, with us. Following the introduction and Betty’s greetings, a panel of nurses shared their perspectives on Created Environment. Panel members also posed thoughtful questions to the Trustees. A lively discussion followed. Outcomes from the Think Tank will be reported in an upcoming publication. 

Click below for file download:

Introduction to Created Environment PowerPoint

Panel Presentation Brochure

Much business was accomplished during the Trustee meeting on Friday. Minutes will be distributed electronically by Kathleen Flaherty, secretary. Betsy McDowell gave treasurer report.  An update on the 2019 Symposium was given by Karen Gehrling and Flaherty. Exciting news - two new Trustees and several nominations for awards were approved!

The Dutch students participated in hospital tours at several Parkview Health System hospitals located in Fort Wayne. The warm welcome by our Parkview colleagues was appreciated by all. 

A special thank you to Amy Barnes, Heidi Buffenbarger, Meghan Beckman, Tim Barnes, Opal Freiburger, Rachel Ramsey, and John Taylor for helping host these events — you are appreciated for all you do. Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne  provided wonderful meeting facilities. And finally, thanks to the members of the panel — you were well prepared, calm, and professional. You had the full attention of the audience - I am proud of you!

Sarah Beckman