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Reed, K. (1993). Betty Neuman: The Neuman Systems Model [Monograph}. Notes on Nursing Theories (11). Newberry Park, CA: Sage

This early publication was designed to provide a concise description of the Neuman Systems Model.  Included are a biographical sketch of Dr. Neuman, a brief history of the origin of the Model, and a discussion of the assumptions and major concepts of the Model.  The Neuman Nursing Process is introduced as well as the intervention Format, Prevention as Intervention using a case study as an example.  Finally, application of the Model in practice and research is discussed. A Glossary of terms and references are included.

Table of Contents

List of Figures     vii

Foreword, Rosalie Mirenda     ix

Aknowledgements     xi

Biographical Sketch of the Nurse Theorist     1

1. Origin of the Theory     3

2. The Neuman Systems Model:
Assumptions and Concepts     5
Assumptions of the Model     5
Concepts of the Model     7
The Neuman Nursing Process     16
Utilizing the Neuman Nursing Process With an Individual Client System     18
Intervention Format of the Neuman Model: Prevention as Intervention     21

3. Application to Practice and Research     24
Practice     25
Research     26

Glossary     29

References     34