The mission and purposes of the Neuman System Model Trustees Group,Inc. are to preserve, protect and maintain the integrity and relevance of the model for the global nursing community and global health care community.

Dr. Betty Neuman established the Trustees in 1988.  Each Trustee is a professional nurse from the United States, Canada or Holland who has demonstrated commitment to the development or use of the model in education, practice,  administration or research. As international interest in the model continues,  Trustees will be added from other nations.

The functions of the Trustees are to: 

  • Engage in the continuing development and evaluation of the NSM through contributions of nurses and other health care professionals worldwide.
  • Educate nurses and the health care community about the NSM and its applications.
  • Conduct international forums to update and apprise the professional community of work related to the NSM.
  • Create multidisciplinary partnerships that advance the model.
  • Maintain a comprehensive NSM bibliography.
  • Support and extend the efforts of Betty Neuman through scholarly and creative works.